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About Us

The Civil Society Strengthening Network (CSSN) is a social enterprise and non-governmental organisation established by like-minded and experienced network of young advocates that started as a result of youth groups and community-based organisation calling in for technical assistance in strategic actions such as organisational systems development, website development, proposal development and financial systems management. This later grew to be a weekend 2 hrs capacity building session and eventually registered to be an organisation in 2020 that runs both social and enterprise knowledge development and capacity enhancement programs.


Our Vision

A world where the Civil Society sector is sustainably transforming communities.

Our Mission

Strengthen Civil society, local government and private sector relations as key stake holders in the sustainable community development at local government level.

Core Objectives

  • To develop tools, knowledge, and skills required for effective CSO, Government, and
    private sector engagement in local governance and service delivery.
  • Build capacity of CSOs, government, and private sector in sustainable development.
  • Establish Civil Society Strengthening facilities and programs as social enterprises.